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Colour Education

Online, in salon and one to one education available.


Bleach and Tone seminar
Presented by Claire Turner,
Salon Owner, Global Educator and online coach.

Bleach and toning can be one of the scariest things to see in your column. I know, it used to fill me with anxiety whenever I saw that a client had booked one. 

Over coming the stress that a bleach and tone service gives you takes time but I can help. 

Over my career I have Bleached 100's if not 1000's  of clients and models (no joke!) and the fear is no longer there. 

Join me on my 3 hour seminar on Monday 27th February to lear all things scalp bleaching. 

This seminar is split into 3 parts with a break for processing and a Q&A. 

I have a live model and the seminar is in real time. No pre work will be done. 

I am also offering a limited amount of tickets for you to join me in my salon while I film live. Please email me for more information.

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