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Throw back to last month at _kinkiacadem

Kinki Academy 2019 Amsterdam, Holland

Hybrid Highlighting

___instagram exclusive____New course - H

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Highlighting is a salon classic, beautiful weaves nicely spaced for a natural look. but lets twist that on its head. let’s pimp them! Clients expectations of highlighting has changed so we have to and let’s make it creative, let’s fill the foils with colour and let’s have fun.  

Students will learn

How to create individual patters and colour combinations. Tips and ticks on how to achieve different weaves.

Blonde, Blondes, Blonder

___Exclusive____New Course Blonde, Blond

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Specifically designed for colourists eager to expand their knowledge of working with blondes. Blonde hair can be one of the hardest things to master and this one day course provides different ways of thinking with blonde hair. Knowledge on  bleaching applications,  toning,  foiling techniques and considerations of working with blonde hair. 

Students will learn

How to bleach hair correctly and how to formulate toners. Techniques to perfect a perfect blonde look. 

30 Minute Creative colour 

Being creative in a short salon appointm

Course Information

Being creative in a short salon appointment is tough. The pressure to make clients happy, to not run behind on you column and to make profit is a daily struggle for colourists. This course is about tips, tricks and techniques to keep creative in a short space of time. To maximise an appointment times and be able to let our creative juices flow. 

Students Will learn

This course is about practical application ideas. A short lecture is followed by  3 techniques on one dolls head, 1x blonde 1x red 1x brunette, that are fully convertible to clients requirements.  Techniques in the class may take longer that 30 min for training and student understanding, however, students will leave with 3 techniques to use in the salon/creatively that are fully achievable in 30 min. 

Green With Envy

+ how I stopped worrying about difficult colours

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This is  NOT a course about green hair. This course is about understanding how we can incorporate ‘difficult’ colours into our techniques, green being one of them. How colours go together, how they balance, how we can make them desirable (pretty) and create individual colour pallets for our clients. How size of colour and orders effects what we see and how deal with tricky colour combination requests from clients. 

Students will learn

How to create techniques using colour choice, in-depth colour wheel knowledge and colour phycology and how to create colour with colour. 

All about the colour line

___exclusive____New Course All About The

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Want to know all about Shine lines, Kriss Kross, Dip dye, even rainbow hair? This course is about creating lines through the hair to achieve dramatic, visual colour for mid to long hair that are incredibly popular and commercial this season.

Students will learn

This sometimes rather daunting technique is simplified through precision and knowledge about the correct equipment, tools, blending and angles are given. Two practical techniques on one dolls head.


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